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[Jinzhou Stage, Two-Type Pioneer Area] Create the National Leader of Measuring Tools Industry


[Jinzhou Stage, Two-Type Pioneer Area] Create the National Leader of Measuring Tools Industry

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Hunan Precision Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., which invested 120 million yuan in Jinzhou New Area,
Hunan Precision Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., which invested 120 million yuan in Jinzhou New Area, has successfully completed its trial production and is about to enter the formal production stage. Four processing workshops, three foundry workshops, one finishing workshop and one comprehensive building have been built in the first phase of the new factory area. It is equipped with modern production equipment with advanced domestic level. It is committed to building the national "leader" in measuring tool industry.                             
Chen Jiliang, chairman of Hunan Precision Measuring Tools Industry Co., Ltd. has realized his dream: as a farmer, he started at the entrance of langzikou in the western mountainous area of Ningxiang, with perseverance, honesty and innovation, his annual output value increased from less than 5 million yuan when the system was reformed in 2005 to over 100 million yuan in 2009, and he invested 120 million yuan in Hunan Precision Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. in Jinzhou New Area. It will be put into production formally, and this year it will increase production by another 30 million yuan. The annual production capacity of the new plant area project will reach 240 million yuan, and the total output of the old and new plant areas will reach 300 million yuan. He aimed at a bigger goal: to make Hunan Precision Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. the "leader" of the national measurement industry!                       
Be enterprising and innovative                             
From a small factory in a mountain ditch to a modern manufacturing enterprise with two factories, Chen Jiliang has made a great contribution. In 1979, he graduated from high school and worked as a worker in Langzikou Measuring Tools Factory under Fuwang Mountain. He worked as a shovel scraper and scraper worker. He worked as a supply and marketing worker, technician, workshop director, production factory director, company manager and chairman of the board of directors.
He dared to be enterprising and innovative, and was the first to set up an online sales platform among similar enterprises in the country; he applied in time to rename the measuring tool factory "Hunan Precision Measuring Tools Industry Co., Ltd." and the enterprise in the mountain ditch "crown" to the provincial name; he dared to "eat crabs" and contracted out the closing measuring tool factory in the lanekou, not only from death to life, but also growing year by year. After the successful restructuring of the company in 2005, he invested 19 million yuan in technological upgrading. The company's single product weighs up to 30 tons, which is the earliest production capacity of its counterparts in the country. As a well-known enterprise in measuring tool industry in China, it has passed the certification of ISO 9001:2000. Its products have won the famous brand of Hunan Province and the famous trademark of Hunan Province. The company has won the quality management award of Hunan Province for many times. It has been awarded the Excellent Enterprise of Hunan Province. Its products are exported to more than ten countries, such as Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Cuba. It has sold well in more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country. Shanghai Lingang Electric Group, Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Factory and Yunnan Kunming Machine Tool Factory have signed long-term supporting production agreements.
Leaders Help to Remove Worries and Solve Difficulties                      
Due to the location limitation, the development potential of Hunan Precision Measuring Tools Industry Co., Ltd. at the entrance of the lane is difficult to give full play to. At the beginning of 2009, Chen Jiliang decided to expropriate more than 50 mu of land in Jinzhou New Area, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and an investment of 120 million yuan to start the construction of a new plant of Hunan Precision Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
In the process of its construction, leaders at all levels and relevant departments give strong support. Municipal Party committee, municipal government, County Committee and county government included it in the project of "two gangs and two promotion". The leaders of provincial government office and provincial and Municipal Economic Committee visited the company on the spot. Li Shiqiu, Secretary of county committee, Deputy Secretary of county committee and county head, Yuan Jinghua, Standing Committee of county committee, organizational minister and United front minister, and Liu Yonghong, Secretary of Party committee of county committee and Jinzhou New District led the County Industrial Bureau many times. The responsible persons of relevant units such as Development and Reform Bureau, Project Office, Water Conservancy Bureau, Electric Power Bureau, Credit Union, etc. go deep into enterprises to help them, make suggestions and solve problems.
Li Shiqiu, Secretary of the county Party committee (third from the right), Li Chunqiu, vice secretary of the county Party committee, county head (third from the left), and other county leaders Yuan Jinghua (second from the left), Liu Yonghong (first from the left), Zhou Zexiang (second from the right) inspected the planning and construction of Hunan's precision heavy industry.
Help LianDian County Leader Yuan Jinghua (Former Left 2) to lead relevant department leaders to come to the door and solve problems
Chairman Chen Jiliang (middle) Xidai County People's Government Award for Industrial Investment
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