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Talent Concept
People - for enterprises, enterprises were together
Respect talent, pay attention to talent, build reasonable talent structure;
Establish a sound knowledge, education, employment, talent management system to keep people.
Continue to explore people, improve people, train people, adjust and optimize their position,
So that everyone can be in the right position to make the best use, grow.
Talent Concept
Talent is the enterprise to survive and continue to grow and develop the most fundamental protection of the force, the long-term development of enterprises is the core competitive resources;
Talent is the quality of the corresponding posts, willing to develop for the enterprise dedicated to sustainable innovation, advancing with the times, continuous learning and self - improvement of the people;
Talent is divided into levels, this level of difference in the performance of individual character, work ability, cultural quality, comprehensive quality, enterprising spirit, work experience, age and other aspects of different levels of talent suitable for different positions.